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What Can You Actually Bill For?

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Learn about what materials you can bill for and what insurance companies will actually pay out.

Unlike other materials accounting systems, Eagle MMS is not only accurate and effective, it is extremely and endlessly versatile. Virtually every material usage operation can be broken down into a scannable and billable QR code.

  • You can scan out your welder and input weld time so that you can recoup gas and wire per minute.
  • You can put an Eagle MMS QR code on your entire clip cabinet or individual clip drawers, so when you have that technical front end collision you can get paid to replace any odds and ends clips needed to fully button up the front end.
  • Individual sanding discs.
  • Lengths of blocking paper.
  • Fluid volumes of filler.
  • Rattle can or cartridge products.
  • Masking tape and/or paper by the foot.
  • Cleaning and prep wipes for pre-paint.
  • Propane for booth heating.
  • Filter life on your booth or personal respirator/clean air system.
  • Plastic welding rods.
  • Combo scans of clear+hardener or primer+hardener since these two are never used in the absence of the other. By mass OR volume, however your shop mixes your paint it can be tracked by EagleMMS.
  • Detailing products used during clean up and preparation for customer pickup.

Ready to save your save your shop money?

The bottom line is, if it costs your shop money, it can be scanned, and invoiced to the appropriate party with EagleMMS.

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