Our mission is to save
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EagleMMS is technology company committed to providing your business with the insight it needs to run at peak efficiency. From businesses of every size - from family owned shops to chain collision centers - our materials management software is up to the task of tracking your consumables usage and invoicing them properly.

Who we are

Eagle MMS was founded by two brothers Yanni and Alex Koutmos. Yanni is a 7 year veteran of the autobody industry, having spent nearly one year as a certified appraiser insurance side and 6 years as a frame tech and master body man. Alex is a former Amazon Software Engineer and is currently one of the leading experts in the Elixir programming language community and has spent over 10 years developing reliable and robust software systems.

How it all started

The inception of EagleMMS came about during a conversation on a long car ride while discussing the difficulties in the autobody industry and how it has lagged from a technological perspective over the years. The two sought to develop a lightweight, high impact solution to address the disparity regarding stagnant insurance rates and rising materials costs to help business owners in their mission of providing excellent car care and customer service, without sacrificing their bottom line.

After nearly a year and a half of intensive development we are now ready to offer you a cutting-edge solution to help you reclaim lost income in your business's bottom line.

Learn more

Feel free to reach out to our team so that you can learn more about how EagleMMS can save your business money or learn more about the features that our software offers.

EagleMMS is one of the most important tools in the shop. Every shop should be implementing this immediately! Every second you delay, you are losing money!

Raymond Salati


Owner, Ray's Autobody Milford

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