Make your shop money
on every repair

Our fully automated Material Management System allows your collision center to seamlessly track and invoice all repair material costs.

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The most advanced materials invoicing system in the collision industry

Materials calculator

Generate repair order invoices for all of your paints and materials in less than a minute using our automated calculator. Click here to see it in action!

Operation kits

EagleMMS allows you to generate operation kits from your existing inventory in order to specify body and finish operations tailored specifically to your shop and workflow.

Insurance reimbursement

Getting insurance companies to pay for your materials usage is a hard task. With EagleMMS invoices, we generate all the proper documentation to make sure you get paid for what you use! See a sample invoice for yourself.

Pricing database

Keep up with inventory and material price changes using our comprehensive manufacturer part number database.

Powered by QR codes

With EagleMMS, all material tracking is done through QR codes, which means you do not need to buy any expensive scanning hardware or clunky cabinets.

Inventory tracking

Achieve operational insight like never before. EagleMMS enables you to have precise insight into your current inventory and alerts you when you are running low.

“The cost of materials used to be a problem for my business and would constantly cut into my profit margins. I can happily say that this problem is now well behind me thanks to EagleMMS”

John K.
Sole Proprietor, Hammertime Garage

Itemized invoicing can increase my revenue by how much?

Shops using EagleMMS make an average of $382 extra per repair order OVER the initial insurance payout. That means that every closed repair order results in money directly added to your bottom line. How many repair orders does your shop close every month?

$ 7,640 /extra per month

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